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Unique images: 4,891,651 Banned users: 8,504 Statistics last updated 11 minutes ag Forensic Image File Viewer software process fast to view and analyze Image files (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, ICO, etc). This tool allows browsing corrupted image files and save into health format. Image forensics program can easily explore Image files of any size (100 MB) and any type without affecting the image quality. Status: Online Ghiro is a digital image forensics tool. Fully automated and open source. What is Ghiro. Ghiro is a fully automated tool designed to run forensics analysis over a massive amount of images, just using an user friendly and fancy web application. Developer Alessandro Tanasi jekil Unique images: 4,888,233 Banned users: 8,493 Statistics last updated 26 minutes ag

Online tools can also examine the colors in the image, use AI to try to describe what's in the image (with extremely varying levels of success), and try to find any altered data in the image. Let's get into the guts of a picture my husband took a few years ago, using these sites ghiro: Automated image forensics tool. Sometimes forensic investigators need to process digital images as evidence. There are some tools around, otherwise, it is difficult to deal with forensic analysis with a lot of images involved. Images contain tons of information, Ghiro extracts this information from provided images and display them in a. bulk_extractor is a computer forensics tool that scans a disk image, file, or directory of files and extracts information such as credit card numbers, domains, e-mail addresses, URLs, and ZIP files. The extracted information is output to a series of text files (which can be reviewed manually or analysed using other forensics tools or scripts)

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6) SANS SIFT. SANS SIFT is a computer forensics distribution based on Ubuntu. It is one of the best computer forensic tools that provides a digital forensic and incident response examination facility. Features: It can work on a 64-bit operating system. This tool helps users to utilize memory in a better way Forensic tools can detect simple metadata or perform more advanced functions, such as to determine if a photo was altered. One of the ways to retrieve hidden image data is by looking at its EXIF file Free online image forensic analysis at Fotoforensics. Fotoforensics is a website for advance photo analysis, you can check whether a photo has been modified or not and see embedded metadata that could contain private details, the photos can be uploaded from your PC or directly linked from a URL, there is an optional Firefox browser plugin to. Amped Authenticate is a software package for forensic image authentication and tamper detection on digital photos. Authenticate provides a suite of different tools to determine whether an image is an unaltered original, an original generated by a specific device, or the result of a manipulation with a photo editing software and thus may not be.

A forensic data server allows you to keep forensic images in a centralized, secure, and organized manner that lets you focus more on analyzing cases than looking for them. A server needs to have large data capacity, authenticate users for security purposes, and the capacity to perform backups of all data in case the storage devices fail Disk Image Forensics Analysis Tool provides an option that allows users to search for a particular file or data item by typing name in the search text field. In addition, the Disk Image Format Forensics software also provides an option to filter and find specific data items using the in-built date-based filter Cognitech, Inc. is a foremost developer of real-time image and video forensics processing and analysis software tools, 3D video photogrammetry software, lossless video acquisition cards, and integrated workstation systems for professional use by thousands of professional users in forensics, law enforcement, bio-identification, vehicle. Digital image forensics tools. Many digital image forensics tools are on the market, each with strength and weaknesses. CameraForensics offer a very lightweight tool called ExifExtractor for free which is developed alongside global agencies, helping users access the right information at the right time Utility for network discovery and security auditing. Magnet RAM Capture. Magnet Forensics. Captures physical memory of a suspect's computer. Windows XP to WIndows 10, and 2003, 2008, 2012. 32 & 64 bit. OSFClone. Passmark Software. Boot utility for CD/DVD or USB flash drives to create dd or AFF images and clones

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At this point, the Email Forensic Software MailXaminer is the best solution that enables forensic examination of images. It is used by countless investigators for image analysis in digital forensic. This tool provides the features for forensic image analysis, such as skin tone analysis, GPS location, metadata analysis of an image and much more 1. Photo Fraud Detector - Free. In case you suspect that the image you have received has been modified or edited, you can upload it to the Photo Fraud Detector application. The utility will be able to tell you a little bit or even detect the details that have been modified by Photoshop or another editor. Status: Online The web tool is based on the Python Image Library and the libjpeg library (v6.2.0-822.2). The verification process consists of successive resaves of the image at a predefined quality. The resulting picture is compared with the original one

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  1. Image Forensics Search System is another free open source digital forensics tool for Windows.It is a Java-based software that requires Java to work.. It is an advanced image identifying tool that lets you find all the instances of a person of interest or object in a large set of data.Using it, forensic experts can search the target image of a victim or guilty person from a large image set
  2. Conclusion - So, you can get a lot of information related to the Image Forensics investigation, with the help of this tool. A good Forensics Expert can get maximum evidence based on these information and tools. I will suggest please don't upload sensitive images to online it is not safe way to investigate
  3. It is developed by Alessandro Tanasi Jekil and Marco Buoncristiano Burlone. It is a fully automated tool designed to run forensic analysis over a massive amount of images, just using a user-friendly and fancy web application. To know more about the Ghiro image analysis tool you click here
  4. The more information, the sharper it is. If possible, avoid photo enhancing software as your must have tool, if you need to recover details and sharpen your blurred photos with FBI and CIA equivalent image enhancement software too often, perhaps it is time to invest in better equipment for your professional needs
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The results of this have now landed in my Photo Forensics Tool. In essence PCA offers a different perspective on the data which allows us to find outliers more easily. For instance colors that just don't quite fit into the image will often be more apparent when looking at the principal components of an image ImageUSB is a free utility which lets you write an image concurrently to multiple USB Flash Drives. Capable of creating exact bit-level copies of USB Flash Drive (UFDs), ImageUSB is an extremely effective tool for the mass duplication of UFDs. ImageUSB also supports writing of an ISO file byte by byte directly to an USB drive (*) Encode message. To encode a message into an image, choose the image you want to use, enter your text and hit the Encode button. Save the last image, it will contain your hidden message. Remember, the more text you want to hide, the larger the image has to be. In case you chose an image that is too small to hold your message you will be informed

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  1. The Sleuth Kit is a command-line tool that performs forensic analysis of forensic images of hard drives and smartphones. Autopsy is a GUI-based system that uses The Sleuth Kit behind the scenes. The tools are designed with a modular and plug-in architecture that makes it possible for users to easily incorporate additional functionality
  2. Sherloq is a personal research project about implementing a fully integrated environment for digital image forensics. It is not meant as an automatic tool that decide if an image is forged or not (that tool probably will never exist), but as a companion in putting at work various algorithms to discover potential image inconsistencies
  3. ation. Some images are produced by NIST, often from the CFTT (tool testing) project, and some are contributed by other organizations. Digital Corpora. digitalcorpora.or
  4. e if further analysis with a forensic tool such as Forensic Toolkit (FTK®) is warranted. Create forensic images of local hard drives, CDs and DVDs, thumb drives or other USB devices, entire folders, or individual.
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  6. Meta-Forensics is raising funds for PhotoDetective: Analyze Images with a Forensic Toolkit on Kickstarter! Become an image investigator with cutting-edge software that lets you uncover whether photos have been altered, forged or manipulate
  7. ation process, add the file for scanning into the software. For this, click on the Add Evidence tab. Step 2: An Add File pop-up window will open. The tool supports various image file formats such as DD, DMG, E01.

Search for tools that fight disinformation by name, type, or keyword: Search by Keyword. examples: Hamilton 2.0, bot detection, fact-checkin There are open source forensic tools that claim to be able to process a case while remaining freely available (5). For the purpose of this study, EnCase® Forensic ®will be compared to FTK 5.6.3 and the open source tool - the SIFT Workstation 3.0. Two major problems exist in the modern digital forensics. The first is cost of tools Therefore, the image preprocess stage is no longer needed, with a trade-off in a slightly longer run time than the first algorithm, but as robust as the second algorithm. For this proposed algorithm, we have created a simple tool that implements that exact logic. ARTHIR - ATT&CK Remote Threat Hunting Incident Response tool. by Michael Goug Ghiro - is a fully automated tool designed to run forensics analysis over a massive amount of images sherloq - An open-source digital photographic image forensic toolset Steganograph

Foremost is a forensic program to recover lost files based on their headers, footers, and internal data structures. Foremost can work on image files, such as those generated by dd, Safeback, Encase, etc, or directly on a drive. The headers and footers can be specified by a configuration file or you can use command line switches to specify built. Bulk Extractor is also an important and popular digital forensics tool. It scans the disk images, file or directory of files to extract useful information. In this process, it ignores the file system structure, so it is faster than other available similar kinds of tools. It is basically used by intelligence and law enforcement agencies in. Ocean Systems has consistently been first to market with a wide range of powerful and easy-to-use tools for processing and managing forensic video, image and audio evidence. Investing in a forensic solutions means you can be assured that we will continue to develop the next generation of tools and services to help you solve your cases. Work. The main window of Belkasoft Acquisition Tool. Click on the 'Drive'. After that, a window will open, in which we will be asked to choose: the device to be copied; specify the place where the forensic image will be created; specify file name and format, etc. Fig. 7 Test Results for Digital Data Acquisition Tool - Image MASSter Solo-3 Forensics; Software Version 2..10.23f (December 2011) Test Results for Digital Data Acquisition Tool: ASR Data SMART version 2010-11-03 (September 2011


The image is an identical copy of all the drive structures and contents. Further, a forensic image can be backed up and/or tested on without damaging the original copy or evidence. Also, you can create a forensic image from a running or dead machine. It is a literal snapshot in time that has integrity checking. Need for a Forensic Image Here are my top 10 free tools to become a digital forensic wizard: 1. SIFT Workstation. SIFT (SANS investigative forensic toolkit) Workstation is a freely-available virtual appliance that is configured in Ubuntu 14.04. SIFT contains a suite of forensic tools needed to perform a detailed digital forensic examination of applications, digital image forensics represents an appealing investigation domain for many researchers. This survey is designed for scholars and IT professionals approaching this field, reviewing existing tools and providing a view on the past, the present and the future of digital image forensics

7. Browse the KML file obtained from the Email Examiner forensic tool. 8. The software will Display its Location on the Map. Conclusion. If the location of your Smart-phone or any device is on, the location of the image can be easily traced. This feature is very helpful from the Digital forensics point of view Get the only tool with a Live and Bootable side for your investigation needs. A multi-platform LIVE side for three environments; Mac OS X, Windows and Linux with one simple to use interface. Make forensic images of all internal devices. Make a forensic image of physical memory (32 and 64 bit) Determine if disk level encryption is turned on If you want to try Forensically: http://29a.ch/photo-forensics/This is a tutorial on how to use forensically. A set of free web based tools for photo forensi..

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OSForensics lets you extract forensic evidence from computers quickly with high performance file searches and indexing. Identify suspicious files and activity with hash matching, drive signature comparisons, e-mails, memory and binary data. Manage your digital investigation and create reports from collected forensic data. Phone, E-mail, Forum. Amped Authenticate is the leading forensic software for unveiling the processing history of a digital image. Amped Authenticate provides a suite of powerful tools to determine whether an image is an unaltered original, an original generated by a specific device, or the result of manipulation using a photo editing software, making its admissibility as evidence questionable Autopsy® is the premier end-to-end open source digital forensics platform. Built by Basis Technology with the core features you expect in commercial forensic tools, Autopsy is a fast, thorough, and efficient hard drive investigation solution that evolves with your needs

Digital image forensics (DIF) aims at providing tools to support blind investigation. This brand new discipline stems from existing multimedia security-related research domains (e.g. Watermarking and Steganography) and exploits image processing and analysis tools to recover information about the history of an image The gap is not closing fast enough in terms of availability. There needs to be more coordination between journalists, media companies and computer scientists to vet a set of good tools, not just rely on open-source image forensics tools, and to make available tools the platforms develop to other users VideoCleaner for Windows. Free Forensic Video Enhancement and tamper detection Software. Relied upon by forensic experts, law enforcement, and investigators worldwide. Developed by programmers from around the globe and presented by Forensic Protection . VideoCleaner is professional grade, cost-free, ad-free, and open source

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  1. FINALMobile Forensics offers one of the most advanced and easy-to-use data carving tools for the mobile forensic community. It captures/analyses the mobile device's raw data and uses a database wizard to streamline the acquisition procedure, providing greater acquisition of deleted and live data that can be undetected with a.
  2. 9) Sleuth kit (Autopsy) Sleuth Kit is an open source digital forensics toolkit that can be used to perform in-depth analysis of various file systems (FAT,NTFS, EXT2/3 etc and raw images). Autopsy is a graphical interface that for Sleuth Kit (command line tool). It comes with features like Timeline Analysis, Hash Filtering, File System Analysis.
  3. Download Open Source Android Forensics Toolkit for free. OSAF-TK your one stop shop for Android malware analysis and forensics. Welcome to OSAF! The OSAF-Toolkit was developed, as a senior design project, by a group of IT students from the University of Cincinnati, wanting to pioneer and pave the way for standardization of Android malware analysis
  4. Acquisition and Forensic Analysis of Apple Devices. Mobile devices of Apple such as iPhones and iPads are 15% of the mobile market. Therefore, it is often on research in forensic laboratories. In this article we will consider two key points of forensic analysis of such devices: 1) Extracting data from Apple mobile devices; 2) Forensic analysis.
  5. e EnCase Forensic Image Files of disk also. It includes E01, LEF, Zip Archive File, DD, and DMG. All these are basically an image files that are created when EnCase is used to image or copy a hard drive, USB, or CD
  6. Memory forensics is a way to find and extract this valuable information from memory. Volatility is an open source tool that uses plugins to process this type of information. However, there's a problem: Before you can process this information, you must dump the physical memory into a file, and Volatility does not have this ability
  7. Tools for USB Forensics Analysis. There are various tools that can be used to perform forensics analysis on a USB drive, such as Sleuth Kit Autopsy, FTK Imager, Foremost, etc. First, we will have a look at the Autopsy tool. Autopsy. Autopsy is used to extract and analyze data from different types of images, such as AFF (Advance Forensic Format.

BlackLight is one of the best and smart Memory Forensics tools out there. It makes analyzing computer volumes and mobile devices super easy. Apart from that, BlackLight also provides details of user actions and report of memory image analysis.. It efficiently organizes different memory location to find the traces of potentially important user activities Forensic Image Authentication. FiA is a comprehensive software with analysis tools designed for forensic analysis and authentication of digital images. This extensive toolkit will allow the user to investigate the evidence and detect possible traces of tampering or other types of inconsistencies. FiA is used to systematically detect forged. The aim of this survey is to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the area of image forensics. These techniques have been designed to identify the source of a digital image or to determine whether the content is authentic or modified, without the knowledge of any prior information about the image under analysis (and thus are defined as passive). All these tools work by. Foremost is a forensic and simple CLI tool that tries to recover deleted files by reading the headers,footers and data structures of the file. It works on image files, such those generated by dd.

Mobile Forensic Software MD-NEXT MD-NEXT is data extraction software for Smartphones, Feature phones, Drones, SmartTVs, Wearables, IoT devices, USIM cards, SD memory cards, JTAG boards, and Chip-off memory. Learn More MD-RED MD-RED is the forensic software for the recovery, analysis and reporting of the extracted data from mobile devices. Learn More MD-LIVE MD-LIVE is the [ Next Day Delivery on Tool on orders over £30 when ordered by 7pm Computer Forensics Tool Catalog. The primary goal of the Tool Catalog is to provide an easily searchable catalog of forensic tools. This enables practitioners to find tools that meet their specific technical needs. The Catalog provides the ability to search by technical parameters based on specific digital forensics functions, such as disk.

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After two years, this image forensics analysis service has been turned off. A number of factors have contributed to this decision to close. Primarily it has been based on the time and effort required by our volunteers, as well as the on-going costs to maintain the service for public use Digital Forensic Tool: Steganography Toolkits. Steganography is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video. This project from Dominic Breuker is a Docker image with a collection of Steganography Tools, useful for solving Steganography challenges as those you can find at CTF platforms photo-editing software, the manipulation of photos is becoming more common. Here we briefly provide examples of photo tam-pering throughout history, starting in the mid 1800s. In each case, the original photo is shown on the right and the altered photo is shown on the left. circa 1864: This print purports to be of General Ulysses S. Gran This image is no longer within the Forensic Recovery Range. Resolution for Scanned Photos. For scanned photos, scan them in using a resolution which is high enough to have a blur width between 10 and 20. If for example the photo was scanned in at 1200 bpi (bits per inch), and the blur width is 6, then scan it in again using 2400 bpi so.

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Mandiant's Memoryze™ is free memory forensic software that helps incident responders find evil in live memory. Memoryze can acquire and/or analyze memory images and on live systems can include the paging file in its analysis. Memoryze can: Image the full range of system memory (no reliance on API calls) Binwalk is a tool for searching a given binary image for embedded files and executable code. Specifically, it is designed for identifying files and code embedded inside of firmware images. Binwalk uses the libmagic library, so it is compatible with magic signatures created for the Unix file utility ProDiscover Forensics. ProDiscover Forensics is a comprehensive digital forensics software that empowers investigators to capture key evidence from computer systems. ProDiscover has capabilities to handle all aspects of an in-depth forensic investigation to collect, preserve, filter, and analyze evidence. Learn More 5.3 Forensic Tool Kit. Forensic Tool Kit is a commercial forensics tool developed by AccessData [20]. This tool allows the CFS to view all files on the chosen storage device. A function of this tool includes immediate generation of hash values for files that are viewed within an investigation

Forensic image analysis tutorial with FTK. Step 1: Add the evidence to FTK Imager. Go to ''File'' > ''Add Evidence Item''. Step 2: Select the source evidence type. Select ''Image file''. Step 3: Enter the path of the source evidence. Step 4: Verify image integrity. If the integrity check information was provided with the image of USB device. forensic copy. Create and note the hash value of the forensic disk image and duplicate the forensic disk image to a working / investigate image. Store the evidence disk and the forensic copy in a safe place. Why two copies? If you ever damage your working copy, you can make a new copy from the forensic image again

Instantly resize images for social media, print, web, and more all in one place. Quickly resize a photo for Facebook, a profile image for LinkedIn, a banner for Twitter, or a thumbnail for YouTube. You can even resize a screenshot or shrink a hi-res photo to help your blog or web page load faster After testing several USB forensic tools, all of which were inadequate in some area, I discovered USB Detective. This tool turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. It's fast, accurate and has great detailed reporting options. I really like the timestamp consistency levels. It's by far one of the best USB forensic tools available

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the image and seeing flaws of one kind or anoth-er. But there are many other cases when exam-ining an image with the naked eye is not enough to demonstrate the presence of tampering, so more technical, computer-based methods—dig-ital image forensics—must be brought to bear. I am often asked to authenticate images fo Fuzzy Based Image Forensic Tool for Detection and Classification of Image Cloning. Authors. Mohammad Farukh Hashmi 1, farooq78699@gmail.com, Avinash G. Keskar 2, agkeskar@ece.vnit.ac.in, Vikas Yadav 3, vikas.yadav11021995@gmail.com. 1-3 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, South Ambazari Road, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra. While many computer forensic software manufacturers create excellent tools, most require the purchase of a software license. Years ago, the software manufacturer Access Data took a leap and released a completely free tool for forensic image creation tool, which is called FTK Imager and can be obtained from their website - www.accessdata.com

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Test Images and CTFs. Virtualization Forensics. Vehicle Forensics. Featured Tools Forensic Notes. Cyber Triage. Atola Insight Forensic. Magnet IGNITE. Magnet AXIOM Cyber Magnet IGNITE is a Cloud-Based Early Case Assessment Tool As a Forensic Service Provider, your clients look.. Forensic tools are valuable not only for acquiring disk images but also for automating much of the analysis process, such as: . Identifying and recovering file fragments and hidden and deleted files and directories from any location (e.g., used space, free space, slack space)

Helix3 Pro focuses on forensics tools and incident response techniques. It is designed to be used by individuals who have an understanding of these techniques. With this tool, users can create forensic images of all internal devices, search for specific file types like document files, graphic files, etc This is performed with a chip off recovery where the damaged chips are individually imaged with the tools at our disposal. Even if a cell phone has been submerged under water for lengthy periods of time our expert forensic engineers can still retrieve and image the memory within the phone Request PDF | Passive image forensics using universal techniques: a review | Digital tamper detection is a substantial research area of image analysis that identifies the manipulation in the image

Dedicated Imagers. Dedicated imagers - sometimes called forensic duplicators - combine the function of the write blocker, imaging computer and imaging software into a single, portable device.. Dedicated imagers offer a variety of input ports and adapters for connecting the source evidence device. They also offer different output ports for connecting destination devices to hold the forensic image It is commonly used by law enforcement and incident response teams. SANSIFT (SANS Institute, 2020) This is an Ubuntu based open-source tool and performs in depth forensic examinations of digital devices. It can also be used for Windows. It can securely examine raw disks and multiple file and image systems

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Computer forensics, or digital forensics, is a fairly new field. Computer forensics investigators, also known as computer forensics specialists, computer forensic tools, or computer forensics analysts, are charged with uncovering and describing the information contained on, or the state or existence of, a digital artifact This tool is an essential for Linux forensics investigations and can be used to analyze Windows images. We will start with the presumption that you have the Forensic Toolkit Installed (whether through the use of a Live CD such as Helix or if it is installed on a Forensic Workstation) The emulator's data can be extracted into a raw disk image that is usable in mobile forensic training scenarios. In addition, the tool allows a user to populate the Android emulators with custom text messages, phone contacts, phone calls, and files. This population task is achieved by utilizing the Android Debug Bridge, Android Content.

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Since I'm getting more interested in photography and understanding cameras and techniques, I find myself wanting to know the details under which a photo was taken. Modern digital cameras encode a lot of such data — shutter speed, lens focal length, etc. — into the image file, generally called Exif Data (Exif stands for Exchangeable Image File Format and as an acronym. Latest forensic tools and techniques. VMware Appliance ready to tackle forensics. Cross compatibility between Linux and Windows. Option to install stand-alone via (.iso) or use via VMware Player/Workstation. Online Documentation Project at R eadTheDocs; Expanded Filesystem Support. 2) ProDiscover Forensic The Forensics Wiki, a huge collection of resources that includes tools, techniques, links to forensics researchers and other reference materials. It is maintained by an independent editorial staff Open the online Photo Enhancer tools for further personalization. Adjust the lighting of your photo to define contrast, adjust photo brightness, highlight, and shadow. Curate the color aesthetic with the image saturation and warmth options. Then, use the sharpen image to sharpen to add sharpen to a blurry photo or edge to your image Image Forensic is a powerful tool and free photo checking app designed for Android. It supports Google and Facebook account logging to upload multiple images to identify of any image forgery. User can upload any type of images with any format to check. The app is well designed for best user experience.Here are some of the features of app.1

E01 file is an EnCase Forensic Image file of disk (both logical & physical), CD, DVD or other portable devices. It is created by EnCase, FTK Imager and other forensic tools. Most forensic users create E01 to prevent unauthorized access of their data Octo provides digital forensics company and forensic analyst services in San Diego CA. We offer full-service computer forensic investigation for businesses requiring network security audits or litigation support. Call us at 800-484-3946 today for a free consultation ORI's forensic image tools. Forensic droplets: Firstposted on the ORI website in 2005, droplets are small desktop applications in Adobe Photoshop that automatically process files dragged onto the icon. They are available to download from ORI's website and allow you to quickly examine the details of a scientific image in Photoshop while. E01 file forensics brings out the output of E01 structural analysis that helps to understand the E01 disk image file format for precise examination purpose. The E01 image files stores whatever is found on the disk (external, internal, or removable). It can be in the form of data files, databases, or even system files

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Autopsy is one of the digital forensics tools use to investigate what happened on a computer. It offers a GUI access to variety of investigative command-line tools from The Sleuth Kit including image file hashing, deleted file recovery, file analysis and case management Forensic test image for Bulk_extractor For this example, we will work with a freely-available evidence file named terry-work-usb-2009-12-11.E01 . This file can be downloaded directly from the digital corpora website which allows the use of forensic.. For example, if you climb a mountain and take a picture, it stores it's GPS location. You can also check the Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime Investigation: Using Open Source Tools. EXIF DATA - Tracking Photos. In olden days photographers were forced to carry a pen and a notepad with them to record important information such as shutter speed, aperture, and date

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E3 Digital Forensic Solutions Streamline Your Lab The E3 Software Platform is for all types of digital evidence. E3 is Effective, Efficient, and Easy-to-Use for processing digital data in any size lab. See what others are saying about E3 as their top tool. Harness the power Paraben Digital Forensics Smartphone Forensics iOS, Android, IoT, & [ The Open Memory Forensics Workshop (OMFW) is a half-day event where participants learn about innovative, cutting-edge research from the industry's leading analysts. Contest The Volatility Plugin Contest is your chance to win cash, shwag, and the admiration of your peers while giving back to the community Be aware that these tools were released as freeware, and thus my ability to support Forensic examiners is very limited. If there will be enough demand from forensics examiners/companies, it's possible that I'll provide an option to purchase a forensic license for my software with more support and improved usability to easily extract data from. Email forensics is a branch of digital forensic science that focuses on investigation of emails to collect digital evidence for crimes and incidents. It comprises in-depth & systematic examination of emails, especially aspects such as message transmission routes, attached files and documents, IP addresses of servers and computers, etc CAINE, which stands for Computer Aided INvestigative Environment, is a live distro that's designed to aid the specialised field of computer forensics. The distro is full of tools and utilities. Foremost is a program that is used to carve data from disk image files, it is an extremely useful tool and very easy to use. For the purpose of this article we have used an Ubuntu disk image file and the process has been repeated twice. The purpose of doing so was to see if Foremost can carve data out of incomplete disk images as well